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The operation of costly cooling systems is one of the most wasteful procedures found in industry today. Water purchase, sewer discharge, EPA regulations, chemical treatment and maintenance are some of the high operating costs associated with most systems.

Industrial Cooling, - Our ONLY Business

At Thermal Precision, we are industrial cooling system specialists. Our systems have replaced "Once Through" cooling, saving companies thousands of dollars per year in energy, chemical and maintenance costs. Thermal Precision closed loop cooling systems are designed to substantially decrease or even eliminate the hidden costs of operating your water cooled equipment. Depending on your current operation, installed pay back on a closed industrial cooling system can be achieved in months.

Thermal Precision has experience designing for a variety of applications in all industries. Our knowledge and technical expertise enable us us to create the best solution for your particular needs and assure that your system is right the first time.

THERMAL PRECISION, Guaranteed To Perform To Your Specifications

At Thermal Precision we specialize in closed, sealed, glycol coolers for a wide variety of non contact cooling water applications. Thermal Precision systems are affordable and efficient.
We precision engineer all cooling systems to meet the exact requirements of your application. Thermal Precision will determine precisely what you need and respond with a tailor made solution, not an off the shelf product.
Systems are designed to match the heat load under the most demanding conditions to ensure that it exceeds performance expectations. In fact, we guarantee system performance

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